Maybe This is Wrong in Healthcare?

31 Jul Maybe This is Wrong in Healthcare?

See that Huge Yellow wall?

That is growth in the Healthcare industry of ADMINISTRATORS…… Not Doctors, Not Nurses, Not Pharmacists- Administrators!

The black line is per capita healthcare spending. It INCREASED 2300% between 1970 and 2009.

When the US gets around to having a REAL discussion about cost containment in Healthcare, I think I know one of the places we can cut back. France has private doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. Their insurance company’s administration costs are below 5%[1], in America, it is closer to 20%.

Healthcare can be reformed, and other countries have some pretty good ideas. Maybe it is time we looked at some of them?

Until then, Sabal Benefits is here to help you design the most efficient and cost-effective program available. Call us to discuss how we can help you save money by attacking the highest cost portions of your plan.

[1] The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care; T.R. Reid

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