Obamacare? Or Consumer Driven Care? Florida Decides…to…Try and Decide

04 Feb Obamacare? Or Consumer Driven Care? Florida Decides…to…Try and Decide

While Sabal is predominantly engaged in providing commercial property and liability insurance for clients across the United States, the ramifications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (AKA “Obamacare”) are so broad that, by default, they end up including the P+C sector in some fashion (especially regarding workers’ compensation.)  Yet, just as with the general effects of Obamacare, the P+C sector is as unknowing as every OTHER sector (a prior Sabal blog commented on this phenomena).


Moreover, the volume and scope of the commentary, analysis, prognostication about Obamacare…is as staggering in size as Obamacare…itself.  This is especially bewildering when no one knows what Obamacare will DO.


So Florida deserves some credit for at least considering – CONSIDERING – a market based alternative for Obamacare.  Florida Representatives Will Weatherford and Richard Corcoran recently introduced a proposal to provide low-income Floridians with the opportunity to purchase catastrophic health insurance.  This would replace the Obamacare model and create a market-based plan that would provide similar coverages (at least, in theory).


Here’s the GOOD on this:  as we’ve previously commented, the implementation of a program that would impact 20% of the United States GDP is so colossally massive – and complex – that even the proponents of Obamacare seem awed by its scope and intent.  That sense of awe seems to be growing on the part of the Obamacare proponents.  It appears – to the casual observer – that even the most ardent Obamacare backers…are starting to gain a sense of just how enormous the intended ‘benefits’ of the program (as proposed) would be…and of how gargantuan the ripple effect is.   So the Florida alternative – which would provide SOME benefit (and some FIX) – to the problem of the uninsured…is a welcome solution.  At a minimum, it starts a discussion between the pro- and con-sides.


The BAD?  Is the concern that the Obamacare train is already so far down the tracks that there are no other alternate routes.  And anyone suggesting or offering those alternatives is standing in the front of a locomotive (and we all know how that will end.)


We’d reaffirm our sentiment that, when it comes to Obamacare, no one – not even the President – has successfully laid out what the parameters of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act…will actually LOOK like (much less how they will work.)  Here at Sabal, we’re definitively in the ‘wait and see’ camp.  But that ‘wait and see’ approach also includes some kudos to Reps. Weatherford and Corcoran for at least seeking SOME alternative and engaging in the serious study of same.


Unlike the prospective changes in Obamacare, there are numerous areas — property insurance, liability coverage, workers’ compensation — in which time does NOT wait for any man.  Those areas?  Are ones where Sabal‘s extensive marketing and advisory capabilities can assist you and your firm. You can check our website for our extensive capabilities.  If it’s simpler, you can call us at 800 716 9948 or email us atinfo@sabalinsurance.com.  Thank You for reading and feel free to share YOUR thoughts with us, as well.

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