Are You Retaining the Right Talent?

31 Jul Are You Retaining the Right Talent?

Are you retaining the Right Talent?

If not it is going to be almost impossible to hire the best talent, because top performers like to work with other committed top performers.

As we find ourselves in a tighter and tighter labor market, every executive should be focused on retaining your top employees.  Without these top performers, hiring the right/best new employees becomes much more difficult.

We can keep ourselves busy till 2020 reading articles that will tell you how to retain your top talent.  The thing all of these articles miss is that there is no one size fits all answer.  You need to let your employees tell you what they want.  This takes engagement and thoughtfulness.

Getting started on this track of engagement can be daunting.  Sabal Benefits is here to help.  We offer half day focus groups with your current top employees to find out what they like, what they want, and how they can become more effective.

Results can be startling.  But once everyone sits down and starts the dialogue, it is refreshing to see how everyone can become more engaged in their position, and blossom in their career.

This new found engagement bleeds over to the recruiting process.  Think about when the next top prospect walks in and senses the energy.  They are going to be begging to work with you, especially since they are probably being underutilized at their current job.

Let us come talk to you about scheduling your first Benefit Alignment Workshop.

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