Time to Take Care of your Health

24 Jun Time to Take Care of your Health

I do tons of Open Enrollment meetings every year.  I like to do them.  Whenever I can I discuss health and dental in general terms- how the plans work in the real world, what to look  out for, and some of the things that can go wrong.  I think it si a good thing to impart some skepticism in my clients’ employees.  I encourage them to ask questions and seek out solutions that work for them.

One fo the messages I find myself repeating over and overagain is that in the last 10 years insurance plans ahve gotten ever more compliaceted, adn the incentives of the various actors (doctors/ hospitals/ drug companies/ insurance companies) that make up the system don’t always align with your best interest and needs.

It has never been more importatn for YOU to own your own healthcare.  Doctors should no longer be listened to and followed blindly.  You need to question them, ask them for alternatives, and work with themto make decisions regarding your health and wellness that work for you physically, mentall, and finaicially.

With this in miond, I cam across the foloowing list of the Top 20 Maxims for Healthcare Consumerism from Compass Health.  Ussually these lists sound interesting, but lack substance.  This is was fantastic.  I was kicking myself that I didn’t sit down and write it.  It covers all the little nuggets I try to impart during those open enrollment meetings….

Take a few minutes and review the list.  Send it to your co-workers, your parents, your firneds.  Everyone should take a look at the list before a doctor’s appointment or they undergo a medical procedure.

In fact, the top 5 MAxims can pretty much be applied to any part of your life….

Let me know what you think,


LINK: 20 Healthcare Consuerism Maxims for the New Year
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